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Welcome to KnowWiki!

This site contains a wealth of knowledge that has been collected over the years. It is created and maintained by me, Alex Ivkin. I hope it is helpful and accurate, but there is always a space for improvement. This site is a wiki, feel free to edit or add more information, no login required, just like wikipedia. Comments are always welcome on the discussion pages. Information contained here is comes from various sources. I've tried to identify the source when possible.

Main topics

How To

A know-how for various technologies

Technical Notes

Notes on tech subjects


Help in resolving problems with software and hardware

Tools and Scripts

Automation, scripts and helper code.

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Contact info

If you have feedback you are free to edit the page - it's a wiki after all. Changes to all pages are monitored, so your input will be read. You can edit a page without logging in, the only limitation is you can not add links to external sites (yes, spammers are a nuisance). You can add plain text links with <nowiki>...</nowiki> markup around them or register to add live links.

Write on my page if you have any questions regarding the content or the maintenance of this site, and I'll write back on it for you (hint, you can use wiki's "watchlist" to subscribe to changes to a page).

Thanks and enjoy.

Getting started with the knowledge base

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  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.