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Looks like your contact page on your site doesn't work. The captcha appears to be broken. Posting here in the hope of an answer. I'm running into a snag with the instructions you've got up for "How to synchronize screen lock between Windows and Linux". Worked great on Windows XP, but I just switched over to Windows 7 on another computer, and it doesn't appear to send any events. I've confirmed my SSH tunnel works, just... never seeing anything go to the Linux box or get logged. Happen to have any ideas? You can respond to me at jhoward AT mediacomcc DOT com

I've not tried it on Win7, so I do not know. It must be something to do with the security model - this part of the script:
SENSGUID_PUBLISHER = "{5fee1bd6-5b9b-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}"
SENSGUID_EVENTCLASS_LOGON = "{d5978630-5b9f-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}"
PROGID_EventSystem = "EventSystem.EventSystem"
PROGID_EventSubscription = "EventSystem.EventSubscription"
IID_ISensLogon = "{d597bab3-5b9f-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}"

Has to change for Win7. --Alex 12:39, 12 April 2012 (PDT)

Hmm, can't find anything that contains the correct GUIDs for Win 7. I'll just have to keep looking. Thank you for the info.
There is another technique to track session events (lock/unlock) on windows, it may work on Win 7. Here is the link for the python implementation [1] --Alex 09:13, 13 April 2012 (PDT)
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